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What guides me

I am drawn to deep, mysterious darkness, then light, which guides me from the unknown into the tangible world.


I start by covering the whole surface with dark color, bringing in light values as determined by my intuition. A finished painting offers a blend of transparent and opaque color, which work together to create a sense of depth and atmosphere. 


This interplay between darkness and light, mystery and clarity, invites the viewer to delve into their own interpretation of my work.

What inspires me


My creative journey was profoundly shaped by my mother, whose artistic expressions enriched my early years and set the stage for my own path as a creative. 

Drawing from a wellspring of curiosity and a perpetual "what if...?" mindset, my work manifests as abstract expressive paintings, reflecting a deep inner listening and exploration. Guided primarily by intuition and a fascination with luminosity, I continually seek to push the boundaries of my artistic expression. 

I am deeply grateful for the education and support I receive from the Maine College of Art & Design, as well as the guidance and encouragement from my teachers, mentors, and fellow artists who accompany me on this journey of growth and discovery.



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